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Hear it from: Helen Prior, founder of School select Malaysia

Helen prior is Malaysia’s first & only specialised International School Consultant.

She was inspired to begin after realising how hard it was for families to find to unbiased, up-to-date information about international schools in Malaysia. She met so many families struggling to make fully informed schooling decisions, stressed by the process and overwhelmed by the amount of choice. She wanted to help and hence, SchoolSelect is founded. 

Helen prior is Malaysia’s first & only specialised International School Consultant.

Hear it from: Kiddy123.com, the No.1 Malaysia Early Childhood directory

Kingsgate’s state-of-the-art facilities celebrate international education at its very best. The curriculum delivered is a highly academic one that balances creative and scientific approaches. It is hands on, practical and engaging. 

It is clear that Kingsgate International School is breaking conventions and will continue to set new standards for education in the region.

Hear it from: KL ExpatGo, Top online community & blog for Malaysia expatriates

The school’s key features are simple but clear, with 100% foreign native English-speaking teachers, an international British curriculum accredited by Cambridge, the strongest independent education management team in Malaysia, a state-of-the-art education facility, and a unique vision for innovation including a highly academic and practical education curriculum.



26th August 2019
6th January 2020
14th April 2020

26th August 2019

6th January 2020

14th April 2020


Young children learn through life experiences, through their play and interactions with each other and the environment.

At Kingsgate, we balance the amount of fun and learning so young children are able to develop a passion for lifelong learning.

In Primary School, we believe that students need to understand and experience the connectivity between different subject areas.

Our Primary Curriculum is broad but also sets as an important foundation for children to specialise down the road.

In Secondary School,  we deliver a highly focused curriculum that builds a breadth of life skills in preparation for their adult world. 

At the end of Year 11, students will sit for their IGCSE exam. Further preparing them for Pre-University courses.

City of Green A-GF-05, Jalan PBS 14/2, Seksyen 13, Taman Bukit Serdang, 43300 Seri Kembangan, Selangor Darul Ehsan.

+603-5870 2512

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Located in Seri Kembangan, Kingsgate opened in October 2018. When you arrive at the school, you’ll think you’re in the wrong place – the whole front of the campus looks a bit like a construction site. Don’t give up. Keep driving around and you’ll arrive at the beautiful – and very finished! – Primary section (the bit under construction is the Secondary block).

The design of Kingsgate’s classrooms is gorgeous – open, colourful and modern. They hire 100% native English speaking teachers (mostly from the UK) and their leadership team (Greg Parry, Shanna Parry & Don Henson) are passionate, highly experienced and completely dedicated to making this school a success.

You can probably tell I was impressed – I think this school offers great value for money & is a bit of a hidden secret at the moment! Kingsgate is currently accepting children from Kindergarten up to Year 9 and, to my mind is well worth considering. Don’t let the construction at the front of the campus put you off (it won’t be there long)!

Kindergarten Fees Table

Age Year Group Tuition fee per term Tuition fee per year
2 to 3 years old Pre nursery 5,500 (Half day) 16,500 (Half day)
4 years old Nursery 9,000 27,000
5 years old Reception 9,333 28,000

Webinar's Agenda

Time slot Topics
11.00am- 11.10am 2020 and the recent global impacts on traditional education
11.10am-11.15am Beyond 2020 and an ever-changing world for schools and our children
11.15am-11.20am Defining a high-quality school - now and in the future
11.20am-11.25am Online learning and best-practice strategies for children - What works!
11.25am-11.35am What innovation really looks like for children, schools and learning
11.35am-11.45am “The interesting child” and the impact for a bright future
11.45am-11.50am Preparing children for a global world
11.50am-12.00pm Q & A

Secondary School Fees Table

Age Year Group Tuition fee per term Tuition fee per year
11 years old Year 7 17,333 52,000
12 years old Year 8 18,667 56,000
13 years old Year 9 20,667 62,000
14 years old Year 10 20,667 62,000
15 years old Year 11 21,333 64,000
16 years old Year 12 22,000 66,000
17 years old Year 13 22,667 68,000