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The right answer is more than a 100 international schools!

Why do we know? Head over to Google and type in “international schools in Kuala Lumpur” and switch over to map, you can easily see more than a 100 entries of them, with more within close proximity to the city center.

Crazy isn’t it!

The right answer is 10k at minimum and more than a 100k at maximum!

Helen Prior, an international schooling expert in Malaysia, classified most International Schools in Kuala Lumpur into 6 different pricing tiers. You can read the post here: link

From the post, we can see that it takes as much as 100k per year or as little as 10k to study in an International school per year. Wow.

Nevertheless, that’s a very good information to know about.

The right answer is 3 local teachers : 1 expatriate teachers!

This is a difficult one, isn’t it? We obtained this data after running through a sample of 50 International school websites (Within Klang valley area).

Some of the schools have a line up of 80-90% of expatriate teachers while some have a line up of 100% local teachers.

Interesting fact, don’t you think?

The right answer is Less than 20% of them!

Well, to be fair, we did not take in account of private transportation arrangement made between parents and local bus drivers/ local taxi drivers to usher their children to and back from school.

We only took in account of schools that had expressly stated that they have an official arrangement of transportation for their students.

Still, the amount of schools having transportation arrangement is still fairly low, considering how more and more parents are looking for such services.

The right answer is 80% of them!

All international schools in Kuala Lumpur have their own IT lab but not all of them are using it during their day-to-day teaching.

But roughly around 80% of them do allow and encourage students to carry tablet during classes and teaches them how to search for information for accelerated learning.

Some schools even suggest students to use laptops during classes.


So how well did you do? Did you score more than 80%?

Well if you did, your research and knowledge of international schools are on point! If you did not, don’t worry! At least you learned something today right! But before you leave, if you like, we would like to share more with you!

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