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kingsgate international school

Attention: parents that only want the best for their children

Are you afraid that your child’s academic progress might go backwards during this MCO lockdown and Covid-19?

This crisis has has been an enormous test for international schools.

Under extreme pressure some schools have proven where their priorities are and they have shown us how to maximise student learning without excuses.

A school’s response to a crisis shows you their personal values, beliefs and character.


but at kingsgate international school, we are fully prepared

We designed the Kingsgate's virtual online learning plan

Classrooms may not be open

but with our plan, we managed to bring the classroom to our students

Parents are delighted

that their children are able to learn efficiently during these difficult times

100% of our students

are found to be learning as effectively at home as they were in school

"We recognise that online learning will be here for some time and children might not be fast enough to adjust to it. This could cripple their growth and learning."

And that’s why we designed the virtual online learning plan. This plan enabled our teacher and parents to help and transform their children’s learning plan from home, so it is as effective as learning from school

imagine how your children will be able to learn effectively online too!

Parents love our virtual online learning plan so much that we receive comments and texts like these every day!

Here's how you can support your children through this difficult time.

Join hundreds of parents that have taken the initiative to assist their child throughout this COVID-19 pandemic.

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